Shadowgun Legends is everything you'd want a Mobile FPS game to be!

After years of hard work and months of BETA testing, the popular Mobile game studio Madfinger Games has release their biggest project yet.

Shadowgun Legends is a free-to-play first person shooter from the studio that gave us mobile gamers the most popular zombie shooter Dead Trigger. The game had been in development for 'several years', as said by the studio's Head Of Communications, Jakub Vambersky. This graphically intense first-person shooter puts you in the shoes of one of the Shadowguns, a group of Torment-fighters based in Brno who have been assigned the mission to cleanse the galaxy of Torment and save humanity. Other than a mind-blowing single-player campaign mode, Shadowgun Legends' another integral feature is the multiplayer mode which includes co-op boss fights, pvp, team deathmatches and even co-op arenas. The player is free to form guilds and dominate the leaderboard with their team members OR form squads (temporary guilds) to play a round of co-op or 1v1. There is no voice chat in the game, neither are any plans just yet for the same.

There are tons of weapons in the game. From machine-guns to pistols and shotguns to rocket launchers, Legends has it all. Similarly there are hundreds of player customisation options like headgears, belts, armors and what not. Other than variations in player design, Madfinger has paid commendable attention to enemies as well. Torment, the 'alien scum' you are commissioned to clean up, come in a lot of varieties. From a little not-so-scary spider to a huge bad-ass elite boss that can kick your ass, everyone has arrived to the party! Speaking of partying, Madfinger has introduced a unique feature called hub, where players can relax and socialise with eachother, form squads and even go to casinos after a long day at work!

The beautifully crafted hub is another important part of this console quality game. You can greet, insult and even share your money with fellow Shadowguns, which happen to be actual real players who play, sitting on their couch just like you. The game is, obviously, server based and requires persistent internet connection. The studio says they are just getting started and that there is a multi-year upgrade plan for Shadowgun Legends. All of this has been offered at an incredibly low cost of file download, 650mb to be precise.
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Shadowgun Legends is everything you'd want a Mobile FPS game to be! Shadowgun Legends is everything you'd want a Mobile FPS game to be! Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on March 22, 2018 Rating: 5
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