Everything about Gangstar New Orleans Android Compatibility | UPDATE #2 FAQs

After months of hard work, Gameloft has finally announced that Gangstar New Orleans will now be compatible with a lots of more Android devices with the upcoming update! Source

Which devices will be compatible?
Here are a few companies whose devices will be compatible with Gangstar 5:
Acer, Archos, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LGE, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and many more

IMPORTANT: Please note that some of these devices may still experience performance issues or crashes while playing. Gameloft will keep constantly enhancing stability and performance with each update so please bear with them as they apply future tweaks.

What if my device is not compatible even after the upcoming update?
Gameloft will keep adding even more devices with each update, so dont worry. Your device is likely to be compatible with the next update, but if not, wait for the next to next one :)

Will I get my pre-registration rewards?
Yes! Just sign in to your facebook account from game.

What about the events I missed?
iOS players are already far ahead of and better than us...
Dont worry, Gameloft has announced that they will compensate...

When is the update releasing?
It is likely to be released this week along with Modern Combat Versus' 0.11.1 update. If not, then it will be released before July 4th.

What other things are coming with update 1.2?
The American Independence Day is close, so expect to see some special masks and other stuff related to it ;)

Starting on July 4th, enter a one-of-a-kind event and discover new mission types to get a chance to win up to 5 President Masks and the ultimate mini-gun to defend yourself – because bodyguards are so 2016!

These ads open a new way for you to get Energy, Grenades and Health Kits for your gangstar. 

Turf War boss fights have been balanced and their general difficulty has been decreased
Enemies get now from the ground slightly faster
Reduced the time needed to open the weapon wheel
Added extra stabilizing tweaks to the camera behavior 
Parkour angle has been tweaked so it’s way more stable now
Applied tweaks to targeting while running so the aiming is also more steady

Fixed a bug where weapons were changing when tapping to reload
Improvements added to game stability and performance
Other minor issues have been fixed

Stay tuned for more. I hope we meet in NOLA once the update is out and your device is compatible :)
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