Modern Combat Versus FIRST TEASER TRAILER | Watch Here

Gameloft just released the first ever Teaser of Modern Combat 5 and it looks SICK! I honestly got goosebumps and a 10x faster heartbeat rate while watching it...

We dont see any gameplay or in-game footage, actually the teaser tells us about the basic plot and the story of MCV... We see various agents, organisations, groups and factions...

Here's what we know about the game till now:
It will be online
It will be free to download
There will be in-app purchases
The game will be multiplayer centered but there probably will be a campaign mode as well...

Here's what I figured out the story is:
The game will be set in several years ahead of now
The world is not i habitable anymore because of malfunctioning of the government system in the past i.e. our present
Basically, there are different organisations or factions which have conflicts and there are different agents as whom we will be playing. More info can be read below:

Here's what the trailer voiceover tells us:
Welcome to orientation. This is not a test or a practice run -- this is the real deal.
Let's start with a quick, mandatory overview...
Agent, as you know, KORP has censored most of this material for "security purposes"...
...but the world once had governments. Countries. Culture.
However, due to bad decisions from various powerful people, most of the planet is now uninhabitable.
That's "unable to sustain human life."
Shitty, I know.
Lucky for us, we live in a macropolis built by KORP.
Mandatory security protocols, round-the-clock surveillance, walls to "keep us safe... walls to keep us trapped."
And THIS lady, spewing propaganda day in and day out.
Not even a real person, apparently...
One half of the city is pristine, high tech...
That's KORP's base of operations. The Apex; HQ... manipulation central.
The other half is the Voids -- areas "meant for eventual overhaul."
*cough* Never gonna happen.
No surprise the people there started up a coalition to push for change.
They call themselves OCTO.
Now, both groups would love to declare all-out war on each other, but they can't.
KORP would lose that lovely fa├žade they put so much effort into...
...and OCTO knows that innocent bystanders would get caught in the crossfire.
That's where we come in. We're given a specific location, and told to create a so-called "strategic disruption" for one side or the other.
And yes, we take contracts from both.
The line between right and wrong's awful blurry these days...
Each of you has a state-of-the-art combat suit with a unique ability built in.
Remember: Teamwork is what makes the difference between a good day on the job and a REALLY bad day.
Be sure to familiarize yourself with new agents as they come on the scene.
Learn about their abilities, and create the most badass squad you can.
And always, ALWAYS be prepared.
Because on the other side of this door is a killer enemy squad that'll stop at nothing to take you out.
Remember: It's us versus them.
Be an agent of chaos. Be an agent of change.
Modern Combat Versus FIRST TEASER TRAILER | Watch Here Modern Combat Versus FIRST TEASER TRAILER | Watch Here Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on April 05, 2017 Rating: 5
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