Gangstar New Orleans 'Incompatible' error addressed by Gameloft

Source: Gameloft site
Gameloft just posted an article on their blog stating the reason for the Device incompatibility error for most Android gamers when they try to download the new Gangstar game, Gangstar New Orleans.

So according to Gameloft, the reason is the new AAA GFX engine they have used to make this game is a very high-end thing and requires a very powerful device like Galaxy S7 to run on. This is why most of Android users cannot download the game's current version (1.0.2d) right now.

Gameloft has further stated that the team is working on fixing the situation and more and more devices are likely to be supported in 'near future'.

This sounds familiar, right? Recently the story-driven games developer, TellTale, faced the same situation when they released their game Batman which used a new GFX engine. Their was a huge downfall in their Android fan-base since then because even after releasing some updates and saying 'more devices are supported', Batman did not run on most Android devices.

Gameloft, we hope you are successful in fixing this issue ASAP because if not, hate is the only thing you could expect from Android fans...
Gangstar New Orleans 'Incompatible' error addressed by Gameloft Gangstar New Orleans 'Incompatible' error addressed by Gameloft Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on April 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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