N.O.V.A. Legacy OUT NOW GLOBALLY. Here's the review!

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: LEGACY is finally out globally on Android and guess what? It just weights around 20mb.

Getting started:
You download a 20mb file from Store and start the game. Around 200mb data will be unpacked in your storage and the game will start after writing some extra files such as shaders etc, not weighing more than a few MBs.


The game is offline. Yes, you read it right, NOVA Legacy is an offline game!
The game has classic FPS gameplay with a virtual pad for movement and buttons to shoot, throw grenades and interact with consoles and doors. The levels are not that small and give approx 5minute play-time.

Special loot is awarded after completing missions, and that gives us grenades and other stuff... Missions have various objectives, 3 to be precise.

There is energy system in the game. 3 energy bars for story missions and 2 bars for spec ops missions. There are explosives and different supplements.

Weapons can be upgraded and are divided in different sections like Assault Rifles and Shotgun. Shotgun is pretty badass. There are various Xenos in the game i.e. enemies and the shotgun can do a one-hit-kill on big enemies as well...

Multiplayer gameplay:
The multiplayer mode is great. For just a 20mb package, Gameloft deserves a pat on the back to have come up with such a game. The mode lets you play a 6-player deathmatch against random players. There are 3 classes to choose from, NOVA, Currupted NOVA and Xenos, each can be unlocked by some gems... You can customise weapons as well as Armor skin colors. Respawn time is 5 seconds and there is a skippable killcam mode as well.

The game deserves a 

4 star rating

For awesome graphics and gameplay in just a 20mb package along with real-time Multiplayer features...
N.O.V.A. Legacy OUT NOW GLOBALLY. Here's the review! N.O.V.A. Legacy OUT NOW GLOBALLY. Here's the review! Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on March 27, 2017 Rating: 5
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