Minecraft Story Mode SEASON FINALE REVIEW: 'A Journey's End?'

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Do not continue reading if you havent played this yet as this article contains potential spoilers...

REVIEW: 5/5 rating
Verdict: A Journey's End? We hope it is...

TellTale has always excelled in the art of story telling and combining it with awesome gameplay that keeps the user engaged and stuck to the mobile. Minecraft Story Mode has surely been one of their best works yet, suitable for all ages, unlike Game of Thrones and Walking Dead which are rated M by certain boards.

The season finale dropped today and is now available to purchase and download if you dont have the season pass already. The finale is awesome and it cant have been better. Our heroes are back home at last and trust me, they had an incredible adventure in the last 3 episodes. The New Order of The Stone was reunited at the end and hey, they have a new member to meet whom you're gonna have to play the finale!

The episode is a mix of comedy, thrill, action, suspense and emotion. A perfect blend I must say...

Thanks to TellTale for doing all they did in the Minecraft universe. No other developer could have managed to pull of what ttg did honestly... But wait, was it really a journey's end? Thats what everyone will be asking themselves on finishing the game. The end is confusing and as all other ttg games (other than WDMichonne), has a cliffhanger ending. But this cliffhanger aint much compared to TFTB and GoT season 1 and I think a season 2 for MCSM is not needed. 

All is fine, our heroes are home, they have some memorable items from their journey and Ivor, vanishes in the end with the thing that started everything, FLINT and STEEL!
Minecraft Story Mode SEASON FINALE REVIEW: 'A Journey's End?' Minecraft Story Mode SEASON FINALE REVIEW: 'A Journey's End?' Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on September 13, 2016 Rating: 5
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