UNKILLED v 0.6.0 update: CHARECTER and WEAPON SKINS + Leagues coming this week!

Although not confirmed yet, this image tweeted by Unkilled hints us that Charecter Customization or 'Hero' customization is coming in v0.6! It will be good to play as someone designed by you in the pvp mode to show off ;)

Yes, weapon skins' arrival in Unkilled is confirmed! (I hope they dont cost gold only) Your gun, your look. The teaser image looks really sick and I cant wait for this awesome update.

The update is set to release this month, before last Friday...

Leagues news from UNKILLED'S Facebook post:
We’ve prepared a brand new mode for you. Win ranked matches, go up in leaderboards and become a master of UNKILLED!

You earn points for every match you win and improve your rating. Higher rating mean better ranking in leaderboard of one of the 4 leagues. At the beginning, you receive rating based on your best weapon:
  • Common: 0
  • Uncommon: 300
  • Rare: 500
  • Epic: 800
That means you can start in Bronze or Silver League and you have to fight hard to become a member of the best leaderboard known as UNKILLED League.
  • Bronze League: 0 - 500
  • Silver League: 501 - 1,500
  • Gold League: 1,501 - 2,500
  • UNKILLED League: 2,501+
The matchmaking will pair you with an opponent from the same league and with a similar rating. By the way, if you defeat the player with higher rating, you get more points.
Let’s have a look at some questions related to ranked matches:What happens when I lose the match?
What a shame, your rating decreases. Next time win!
Opponent quit in the middle of the match. What happens then?There is new feature that will detect who is the culprit. This player will lose the match, his rating decreases and you’re the winner.
What if I don’t want to play ranked match?There is still an option to play unranked match as a practice. So, when you want to test a new set of equip or some new tactics, you can do it without fear.
What about rewards?This is another reason why you should want to play ranked matches! The reward is bigger! Talking about rewards, there is one more feature we would like to introduce. It’s called Decisive Victory. You earn even bigger reward when you dominate your opponent on the battlefield. That means you doubled his kills at least (you win 6-3 or better).
BEST PLAYERSTop players of UNKILLED League will be promoted in leaderboard as well as in news feed, where you can find TOP 3 players every two days.
UNKILLED v 0.6.0 update: CHARECTER and WEAPON SKINS + Leagues coming this week! UNKILLED v 0.6.0 update: CHARECTER and WEAPON SKINS + Leagues coming this week! Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 22, 2016 Rating: 5
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