Please read. A note for every visitor...

Hi guyz, hope y'all are fine.
Today I'm letting everyone know a VERY important news regarding Androparadise.

I'm switching the download page server of from '' to ''. From now onwards, every download link will be like '' instead of ''.

Thats not it, because of this change, all the '' download links (means all download links currently available in every post) will be inactive and un-accessable.

All '' links are active till August 2016 and after that, all those links will be dead. But the games with '' download links (eg. Unkilled 0.5.0) will be downloadable forever.

Some of the '' links will be changed to '' manually by me.

More news about this topic will be posted soon. I am still figuring out how to retain all old download links and easily swicthing to '' and letting old games stay active...

Please read. A note for every visitor... Please read. A note for every visitor... Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on May 19, 2016 Rating: 5
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