Assassin's Creed Identity REVIEW: Worth the wait? HELL YES!

After waiting for over 5 months for Assassims Creed Identity, Android gamers, yesterday, finally got a chance to play it. The game is, as promised by Ubisoft, a paid and premium game with another paid dlc available via IAP.

Assassin's Creed is a really popular franchise, known for the open world rpg xperience. However, ACI is  not that open world afterall. User is limited to xplore one area per mission.

Many may have xpected a game like Amazing Spider Man 2, open world which allows user to play or not to play missions and he can just roam around NYC. But ACI is not like that, you only play missions, contracts and once you've assassinated the main target, you go back to main menu.

Not complaining, but it would be so much more fun if we can just roam about the whole city the game offers at once, without being limited to roam 1 area per mission.

The game has many features, potions, forging, upgrades, skill points and charecter customizations. Some users have complained that controllers dont work properly with this game but I didnt find any difficulties when playing with my controller.

Overall the game is awesome and a great xperience for any assassin's creed fan. 1.3gb is not much when you come to know about how much content Ubi has offered. The graphics are rich and realistic, very realistic.

The parkour stuff is retained in this installment, its the trademark of AC afterall. You climb huge (and i mean really tall) buildings and even monuments within seconds.

Ubisoft has not just added the climbing feature to every wall or building, keeping it real, Ubi has implemented some awesome engine which enables the Assassin, your Assassin, to climb only those structures which have something for the charecter to hold on to. This is really impressive, afterall you cant climb a plane cemented wall which is thrice your height and doesnt have holes for you to hold on.

The wait was worth it, the game is really cool... The only let down is, as mentioned, the lack of 'free roam' mode and pay-to-play, and I mean PAY-HUGE-to-play DLCs and the game itself...
Assassin's Creed Identity REVIEW: Worth the wait? HELL YES! Assassin's Creed Identity REVIEW: Worth the wait? HELL YES! Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on May 19, 2016 Rating: 5
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