Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 REVIEW+Ep5 info.

Yes, surprisingly the 4th Episode released earlier than expected...

This episode deserves a meter breaking rating, and the honour to be called the best yet. TellTale has, as always, done an amazing job in this Wither Storm Finale.

Wait. If this is the end of the storm, what now!? Read on to know...
So the previous episode ended in the return of your lost friend from the Wither Storm, what happens next and forecast of Ep5 below:

The episode started out nice. After meeting Petra/Gabriel, the team tries to make their friend remember all the things that they forgot.

The episode has many amazing sequences, from finding a Book to killing the Storm.

The big reveal: Soren reveals the huge secret of Order of Stone. That they never killed the Ender Dragon, but used the command block to clear its existence, after which Ivor got annoyed coz they kept this a secret from the world.

The death of a friend: Reuben, in last minutes of the episode, dies... After helping Jesse end the storm and bring Geb/Petra's memory back, the friendly pig dies and leaves behind just a piece of his.

The episode ends with the end of storm (play it to know HOW), death of Reuben and guess what? A new Order of The Stone is formed, Jesse,Petra,Alex,Lucas and Olivia!

Episode 4 is the Season Finale of MCSM1... coz the main story of storm is now over. Episode 5 is expected to feature new adventures of new OoStone...

And maybe the return of Ender Dragon. Eh?

Screenshots below:

The gang ends up at the edge of the world. FarLands, in search of the book

 FarLands, where Ivor's lab is, is actually a huge maze, guarded by weird thingies...

Player gets a chance to choose from 8 different armors, other 7 go to your team

Reuben, as mentioned, dies after helping Jesse save the world


Stay Tuned ;)
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 REVIEW+Ep5 info. Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 REVIEW+Ep5 info. Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on December 19, 2015 Rating: 5
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