The Room 3 coming this December

The Room is a horror pick-n-play series developed by FireProof Games. The earlier installments have been amazingly successful and have won tons of awards.

FireProof announced the 3rd part of this franchise in 2014, it was supposed to come in Spring 2015...

The release was later delayed to autumn. iOS finally got Room 3 but Android version is still now out.

FireProof told us, 'We are doing things as fast as we can and Android release will be here soon'

So we are expecting release in early 2016... Talking about this epic franchise, The Room is a game-adaptation of the Room movie. The game involves 1st person horror, you are in a house, haunted by SOMETHING... But as seen in room2 outtro, the player finally runs out of house and escapes, to see the house being torn apart and burned to ground.

Everyone looks forward to what FPGames have planned to continue the story...
The Room 3 coming this December The Room 3 coming this December Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on November 24, 2015 Rating: 5
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