Plants vs Zombies 2 4.2.1 MOD APK+DATA (UNLIMITED/UNLOCKED)

The classic game of plants and zombies. Use special power ups, fight in many many locations like Egypt. Keep the zombies away from your garden
You are a chef, who comes to past due to disfunctioning of his time machine. Breed plants, fight various types of zombies. Kill zomboss, the zombie boss and survive!

Whats New v 4.2.1:
Dinosaurs roam the lawn in Jurassic Marsh Part 1! Encounter raptors, stegosauruses and pterodactyls in 16 dino-mite levels. Then charm them to defeat zombie foes. Who knew dinosaurs were so easy to tame? The update includes:
• 2 primitive zombies, including Jurassic Fossilhead
• 3 primal plants, like the fragrant Perfume-shroom
• New premium plant, Grapeshot
• Plus, snacks attack in Food Fight, November 18 – 30
Thanks for playing! Let us know what you think by rating us after you update.

Version: 4.2.1

SIZE: 540mb

Plants vs Zombies 2 4.2.1 MOD APK+DATA (UNLIMITED/UNLOCKED) Plants vs Zombies 2 4.2.1 MOD APK+DATA (UNLIMITED/UNLOCKED) Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on November 13, 2015 Rating: 5
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