Mortal Kombat X: 1.6.0 Update- Details+Download Link


Talking about update 1.6, the characters have been revealed:

As we unlocked these charecters in 1.5 update, the kards were blank, but the charecters and models are actually available. Info and gameplay vids of the new kombatants is given below

NOTE: Download link for 1.6 version will be added right here when the update releases (in December 1st or 2nd week)

Basically all the upcoming kombatants are dark/revenant: (ranked from 3-1 by popularity)
This is Kung Lao's 3rd and last variation for MKMobile. The 2 already available- simple and Shaolin Master- are not equal to him even when combined. This guy is pretty tough. His primary and secondary attacks are themself pretty damage-causing and strong.
His specials include:
Hat Toss- (old) spins at a spot and tosses the blade-rimmed hat at opponent
Hat Orbit- (new)  kicks opponent back and spins the hat around him, the hat moves 2 times around and smotes the waist
Head-Trauma- (xray) bicycle kicks opponent, throws hat on his head. The had crushes head and gets fitted in the brain, fronflips over opponent and slams him to ground, breaking the spine

His special ability: All NetherRealm kard teammates start with 1st special ready

This is schockingly Kiatana's 4th variation in Mortal Kombat Mobile. Earlier ones are Assassin, Klassic and Mournful. Dark Empress variation is a really hot costumed Kitana. Her blade-fans have been redesigned and she looks really deadly. Her basic attacks are far better than older variations and she's pretty strong. Her specials include:
Vortex: (new) spins opponent in air, similar to air lift, without power drain
Fan Toss: (new) spins the opponent, throws her fans at him and he gets thrown with a pink halo
Slice and Dice: (xray) we all are familiar with it :p. Cracking the neck and skull

She has an epic special ability. The first enemy defeated by her will be enslaved to fight for you, with limitless health bar!

This right here is the most powerful addition to 1.6 update. His special ability is- Bleed, Poison and Fire HEAL him instead of causing damage! His basic attakcks are pretty powerful. Specials include:
Electric Fly: (old) flies towards opponent with an electric fist and power drains him
Shocker: (new) holds and raises his opponent by waist, thats it. Oh did i mention, he has shock in his hands (literally)
Shock Therapy: (xray) see it in video above. Its epic!

Here we are with the full details of upcoming update. The update contains bug fixes too... All these charecters will be available to earn via challenges after Ronin Kenshi challenge ends...
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