Katy Perry Pop 1.0.2 BETA+Review

You may have heard about the upcoming Katy Perry game in Feb.2015... It is a remake of Kim Kardashian Hollywood, for Katy Perry

After 1 year of hard work along with the popstart, the developers of Kim Kardashian Hollywood have done an awesome job in moulding the game to fit perfectly in Katy Perry's style and life. Glu mobile, the devs, have added and changed a lot of things. The gigs now include singing and concerts stuff, it was photoshoot in Kim's game.

Many more things are yet to come in the future updates. The game is not yet worldwide available, but we are providing you the download link below. Some features may not work and you may experience issues as this is a test version.

Download here!

Katy Perry Pop 1.0.2 BETA+Review Katy Perry Pop 1.0.2 BETA+Review Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on November 21, 2015 Rating: 5

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