Google Play Store HUGE v6.0 review+APK

Google Play usually gets updated to some points to new version and adds some big fixes, minor improvements and small new stuff, but the 6.0.0 update turns out to be the biggest update since 3.0.0 version

The whole google play now looks new, nothing other than search bar and search result is same.

Whats New v 6.0.0:
Featured apps/games slider on home
Redesigned side-menu
Redesigned category section
Movies/songs/book separated completely from Games/apps on homepage
Faster loading
New one-time welcome screen
New icon
New sliding style to browse through 'updated/users also... and more by dev' sections
Faster loading+searching
Bug fixes
Text selection enabled!

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Google Play Store HUGE v6.0 review+APK Google Play Store HUGE v6.0 review+APK Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on November 19, 2015 Rating: 5
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