Game Of Thrones The Ice Dragon review+ Major tease

TellTale Games are on fire! The finale of their epic game Game Of Thrones just released and is breaking records. The game deserves 10/10 rating.

Many of us think why ttg took so much time for this one, just 3 words, WORTH.THE.WAIT! The finale is seriously amazing with amazing and unexpected moments, seriously hard and gamechanging choices.

Many new things like a combat with a polar bear, the secret of North Grove, the epic WAR etc are contained in this 2hr finale. The size is 800mb for Mali GPU, other gpu file size is unknown.

TTG did an awesome job in making the ending scene and the difficult choice sequences, perfectly xecuted and amazingly narrated.

One huge disappointment: one of the fight scenes has a huge glitch or big, whatever you call it. The sound, music and sword noise disappears and just the dialogues can be heard. This wont mend itself unless you restart the app, well, never xpected this from ttg...

Spoilers below:
But the ending cliffhanger covers it all up
below given instances are based on choices I made, they may or may not be constant in everyone's gameplay
Beskha is out in the forests with Ryon. Malcom's fate is unknown. Mira has been xecuted. Tom's boss is unknown and Rodrik/Asher are seriously injured, but Talia along with someone helps him, Gared and the North Grove-ians set out for Ironrath then the season ends

These great unanswered questions and incomplete stories are greatly making fans wait for season 2.

This compels us to wonder, is season 2 coming *that* soon? ;)
Game Of Thrones The Ice Dragon review+ Major tease Game Of Thrones The Ice Dragon review+ Major tease Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on November 19, 2015 Rating: 5
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