BattleField by HydraNet MOD PACK

SIZE: varies for each game. But all are below 100mb
MOD BY: ARoberts
Rated For Ages 7 and up
Collection code: BFPaxk
PRICE: free

1. BattleField Combat Frontline City BFF.2.1.0
Whats New in this update:
Greatly reworked GUI!
Added bonus experience for weapon accuracy
Now you can improve your experience level beyond 40
Fixed rare bug while playing a primary mission in world 4.
Added new weapons! Bazookas, railguns and machineguns are available to rock!
Added slow motion bullet effect at the end of the level
Added popup with text mission
Fixed a rare bug which could happen when you are killed by two grenades at the same time
Added new worlds to continue playing!!!

2.BattleField Combat Frontline City BFF.
Whats New in this update:
GUI greatly reworked!
XP added for headshots and combos
Premium weapons added! Enjoy bazookas, machineguns and railguns :)
Added slow motion at the end of each round for some glory!
Added popup at the beginning of some mission explaining the objective
New release! Multiple performance improvements
Clarified some descriptions
Added new worlds!
Reduced global size

3.BattleField World War 2 Combat BFW.
Whats New in this update:
Greatly reworked GUI!
Added events in-game for headshots and aim combos!! More xp
Allowed levels over 40
Fixed lights in a stage and added 3 new premium weapons
New premium weapons! Railguns, machineguns and bazookas :)
Fixed rare bug which could happen when killing a very near enemy.
Improved performance.
Improved levels.
Player vs Player fix.
Small bugfix
Best modern combat ww2 battle.
Enjoy new features in the frontline of the missions.
New weapons.
New levels.

4.BattleField Combat: Genesis MCC.2.1.0
Whats New in this update:
Greatly improved GUI
Additional experience is given for accuracy
Fixed lots of low-fps stages on large tablets! Game should be more fluid now
Added more premium weapons!
Small bug fix
Included Player vs Player (Online)
PVP Included
Fix bug in some levels showing Popups with level explanation.

5.BattleField Combat: Duty Call BFS.2.1.0
Whats New in this update:
Completely Remastered!!! Totally new game.
Impressive graphics and history mode.
Amazing FPS you must try.
New fixed levels
A modern combatrelease of Battlefield Stalingrad.
Don’t loose this frontline commando attack.

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