Implosion Never Lose Hope 1.1.0 MEGA MOD APK+DATA

Whats New v 1.1.0:
IVONIX Pilot program
– Unleash your combat skills in 3 challenge missions in IVONIX VR system
– Experience Boss Rush mission in time-attack mode
– New elite XADAs added
– Challenge record keeping takes place on leaderboard,compete with other ivonix pilots.
– Compare high score with friends by sharing challenge record on web communities.
Bugs fixed

OUR REVIEW: Dungeon Hunter/Eternity Warriors style gameplay in a whole new environment, new reason for war, amazing storyline. Many power ups and attacks. Enjoy! No one expected this from a company that gave us Cytus ;) isnt it?

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Version: 1.1.0


Hack Level Capped
Unlocked Crimson
Unlimited Credits
Unlimited Badges
Unlimited Main Weapon Bullets
Unlimited Secondary Weapon Bullets
Unlimited Usage of Skills
Skill Cooldown Decreased Immensely
All Achievements Unlocked
All Rewards Collected
1 Hit K.O. (Main)
1 Hit K.O. (Skills)
Invincible (Ghost Mode)
Base HP Immensely Increased
Base Mana Immensely Increased
Base Power Immensely Increased
Base Endurance Immensely Increased
Base Armor Immensely Increased
Base Rage Immensely Increased
Base Shield Immensely Increased
HP Sustained
Endurance Sustained
Armor Sustained
Rage Sustained
Shield Sustained

Implosion Never Lose Hope 1.1.0 MEGA MOD APK+DATA Implosion Never Lose Hope 1.1.0 MEGA MOD APK+DATA Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on September 25, 2015 Rating: 5

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