Gravity Train FULL APK+DATA [VR]

It’s all about a train like a roller coaster in VR. Start off by pulling the lever and your train will set off to its fixed routes, first scene came was the gravity scene where your train stooped up side down and people on foot walking off can be seen in the game. that was a quick startup scene then game started. Just like other roller coaster vr games nothing new in it. some special effects and some epic 3D scenes are awesome. Good water effects and that breaking glass scene is just awesome. Gravity Train VR Full APK Android free download. In the climax part of the game suddenly piranha like fishes appears in red color, with amazing 3D Sequences that you will love this part. Its a paid VR Android game that requires some $ in the play store. but is it really worth spending $s for some few minutes of video scenes that you can not even do anything in the game?. well that’s your way to find out.

Requires Android: 4.1 and a VR BOX

Version: 1.0

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SIZE: varies

Gravity Train FULL APK+DATA [VR] Gravity Train FULL APK+DATA [VR]

Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 24, 2015 Rating: 5
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