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Gameloft Modern Combat-The Invasion
The new trending news worldwide is the rumors about release of next and last instalment of the best FPS on mobile,Modern Combat Series.

The name is rumored to be Modern Combat 6 or Modern Combat-The Invasion

Expected Features are-
*Offline Gameplay
*Online multiplayer mode with 8 vs 8 players at a time
*New enemy-ZOMBIES

As the terrorist group of Page has been destroyed,now the new concept of Zombie Invasion is superb as we have not experienced any Zombie FPS by Gameloft

We can expect any news on this at least after a year.:/
As for now,the rumors and questions are about the new concept and the name of MC6

Gloft has not yet revealed anything for sure,but the best concept is expected to be of Zombies...
And the title is expected to be

Modern Combat-The Invasion

The title 'Invasion' is also giving a view of Invasion of Robots or Voltarites from the Voltarite city.
The combining of Nova and MC can be a era defining outcome

Stay Tuned for more on this

For those of u who are looking for a release date,i can tell you will have to wait a year or two

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