Join players from all around the world in a free game filled with dragons, fantasy, and puzzle action! 
Experience thrilling, fast-paced puzzle gameplay with strategic RPG-style role management.
» Drag your finger over Elemental Runes. Link them in the puzzle to trigger magical Rune attacks from your heroes.
» Link like-colored Runes to launch focused attacks or…
» Link differently colored Runes to unleash devastating multi-element Rune attacks. But beware: These will cost you precious Action Points.
» Discover 220 powerful RPG heroes powered by different Rune types.
» Choose wisely: Each hero has a unique role and can launch elemental attacks, but is vulnerable to specific Runes as well.
» Power up your favorite heroes and evolve them into new, legendary forms!

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Dungeon Gems MOD APK (UNLIMITED MONEY/UNLOCKED) Dungeon Gems MOD APK (UNLIMITED MONEY/UNLOCKED) Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on September 22, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

why people are saying that after rooting dont bring ur phone back to customer care??why rooting voids warranty??what is the actual reason behind it ???plz reply as soon as possible........

A Roberts said...

rooting gives the access of motherboard to the user,such user is called Superuserso once you gain access to internal features,the company doesnt control your device,u become the developer.Hence,there xan be any Guarantee/Warantee on a mobile phone which is not developed by valid companyOnly way to avoid it,is by never telling anyone that ur device is rooted,as rooting increases chance of damage by 90%

Anonymous said...

So bro u r saying that Rooted phones has 90% probability to get damage?so rooting is a risky idea.....Right?Man....i will never root my phone.

A Roberts said...

thats the case with non-expert users,if u root,u must have a lot knowledge about android rooting and its advantages.I have had my experiencemy tab was damaged and tge space was wiped out.But now i have new fone,its rooted.and i dont have any problem since i know lot more about android now.So rooting has its advantages-Modding gamesGetting money in-gamesBuys paid appsBuying in-game money (without paying a penny)Increasing Ram and RomUsing sim as mem cardetc etcand disadvantages-U must b an expertIt can damage the device if misusedVoids warrantyCan swipe off the storageiTs ur choice

sieversleo98 said...

I tried to download this file, but on zippy share it says "file does not exist on this server". Can you help me, or just send me the file attached to an email? That would be really awesome!

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