Turbo Fast mod apk (unlimited tomatoes)

An original racing game about snails

TRL is a fun thrilling racing game suited for all ages, showcased in beautiful 3D cartoony graphics and featuring some characters from the Dreamwork's tie-in movie. First off, choose your controls: you can change them anytime in the pause or setting menus. Options are tilt, touch (L/R), thumb stick and buttons. In your way, collect tomatoes spendanble on customizing and tune-ups. You can boost all the upgrade process through in-app purchases, though they're optional. Via online you can take part intournaments and earn juicy prizes.

Overall, TRL has been a glad surprise, and even though they aren't comparable, has that old, little bit chaotic at first, fun feeling of Mario Kart. It comes with several different game modes and enough stuff to keep you entertained for weeks.


Turbo Fast mod apk (unlimited tomatoes) Turbo Fast mod apk (unlimited tomatoes) Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 05, 2014 Rating: 5

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