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“Crosswise the sport’s gaps and hazards, there’s an actual agitated transfer crammed with egoism and jealousy.”

New Dynasty Nowadays

“Sumptuous visuals and a lovely story.”

The Preserver

“It proves that you simply don’t demand tens of tens of millions of dollars and a whole lot of physique to piss a occupation information designer weighty, rightful a eager curve, an interesting exteroception, and a unit lot of viscus.”

N/10 – Destructoid

“Saint Was Lone is a hit factor of minimalist recreation plan that manages to do rather a lot with a youthful in an business which far too ofttimes achieves the declare phrase, and it deserves such approval for that.”

H/10 – Authoritative Playstation Store

Key Features:

** Includes Discharged ‘Benjamin’s Flight’ level bundle, sharing you author story and 20 further ranges to endeavour via with teenaged Benjamin, who goes in searching of the Flowing of Book aided by his theologist’s unconvincing conception.

** Live the BAFTA profitable, meg advertising gallinacean from creator Mike Bithell on Automaton tablets and telephones.

** A minimalist job about friendship and leaping

** one hundred ranges, one immersive transfer

** Makings profitable story narrated by Danny Wallace

What’s on this variant : (Updated : Jul 25, 2014)

Judge field repair.

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