Shadow Fight 2 mod unlimited coins/tokens

Here is the most easy hack to get money in shadow fight 2

Install Shadow Fight 2 from market/play store
Download Freedom App
Select Shadow Fight 2
The game opens
If u stil dont get money then-
Click on + sign on right side of Orange tokens
It wil take you to shop
Select the package of $49.99
A box opens
Click on Purchase Now
U wil see 'Purchase Success' written
You will get 2000tokens,repeat this to get more
Now select Unlimited Energy Pack
Buy it with same method
Buy coins too (200000 coins pack)

Like this everyone who are looking for a money mod for Shadow Fight can get unlimited everything.


Download Freedom App here

Everyone is looking for a mod apk for this game

The first site to post this easy method is Androparadise®

Shadow Fight 2 mod unlimited coins/tokens Shadow Fight 2 mod unlimited coins/tokens Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 31, 2014 Rating: 5


Abisheik Sekar said...

Hello, roberts I am back :D. There is one problem with this freedom app.. it needs root access which I dont have. Is there any other way to hack shadow fight 2? Mod apk?

A Roberts said...

noit is not possible bcoz if i mod it,u wil hav to conect to net in order to dlad Acts,this wil inform the devs and u wil b banned

Abisheik Sekar said...

:( I have to root my tab? :/

A Roberts said...


Abisheik Sekar said...

Sony tab S is not there in the compatability list..

A Roberts said...

try it

Abisheik Sekar said...

Not working bro, I think I have to root with my laptop

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