DRAKERIDER is set in Igraine, a
world on the brink of destruction due to the repeated attacks of the Dread. Aran Lawson, once an ordinary tracker, now finds himself as a dragalier - mankind's final hope. This is the story of our hero and his dragon companion, Eckhardt.

Tighten or loosen your grip on the reins by sliding the chains at the bottom of the screen. The gauge at the top of the screen represents its tension. Ease off to unleash powerful attacks and abilities, but give your dragon too much freedom and you will lose control. If you're not quick to pull back the reins, he will turn against you.

Develop your dragon's abilities, claim victory in battle to earn CP, which you can use to learn abilities and powerful attacks. Unlocking some abilities will close your path to others, so plan carefully and customize your dragon to suit your needs.

Requirements: AMVR7+ only

Mali (Gdrive links)
Obb Part 1
Obb Part 2
Obb Part 3


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