Cars Fast As Lightning - Gameloft's upcoming Stunt Racing Game

Your favorite cars are back! Gameloft is pleased to
announce that they will be releasing Cars Fast
as Lightning later this summer! Players will be
able to build up Radiator Springs and race
against their favorite Cars characters. From
Lightning McQueen, Mater, and more, players
will be able to have a great Cars experience in
their handheld devices.

I mentioned this briefly earlier on in the post,
but Cars Fast as Lightning brings two great
dynamics to the table. Not only will players be
able to build up their own Radiator Springs
with all of the great landmarks, but players will
also be able to build up race tracks AND race
as a variety of Cars characters. Get ready to
put the pedal to the metal and show your
friends who the king (or queen) of Radiator Springs is!

Be sure to check out the rest of the
screenshots and stay tuned for more
information on Cars Fast as Lightning as we
get closer and closer to it’s launch!

Here are the first and Xclusive screenshots of Cars-Fast As Lightning

More Info.

(expected launch-Sept to Oct 2014)

Cars Fast As Lightning - Gameloft's upcoming Stunt Racing Game Cars Fast As Lightning - Gameloft's upcoming Stunt Racing Game Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 21, 2014 Rating: 5


Jo-Anthony Castillo said...

Sir do you have fifa14 latest version unlocked mode? The other sites mod dont work.

A Roberts said...

Jo,i have already uploaded it twice

Jo-Anthony Castillo said...

Ow Im sorry . I'll look for it then. Thanks

Jo-Anthony Castillo said...

It says file does not exist

Anonymous said...

it looks like a boring game....any idea about real football 2014,battlefield,pes2014 etc...

A Roberts said...

no newsi dont think RF series wil return this year

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