Beach Buggy Blitz mod apk (unlimited coins)

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Drive your car as fast as possible and upgrade it when you can

Beach Buggy Blitz is a racing game for Android in which the objective is to drive as far as possible and collect as many coins as you can. When you get to a checkpoint, time will automatically refill.

First of all, you want to select your steering preference: tilt the phone or touch the sides of the screen. At the end of every level, you will receive information regarding the distance driven, the number of coins collected and the objectives achieved; the coins can be used for getting upgrades and, consequently, improving your performance.

The graphics and controls are incredibly smooth, it is a really great racing app for all ages and it includes many upgrades and new features as you advance. The decorations are really good, with Tiki statues, grass shacks and other elements like monsters that make it appropriate for the type of game and really engaging at the same time.


Beach Buggy Blitz mod apk (unlimited coins) Beach Buggy Blitz mod apk (unlimited coins) Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on August 05, 2014 Rating: 5

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