Top android developers

Gloft vs Glu vs MFG vs Telltale vs Kerosene vs Rovio vs Disney
Above mentioned,r the best developers on android till date,wanna know whos the best?lets go-
Gameloft has got most awards for each games and they hav their games on every platform whereas Telltale has recueves 90 awards for their 1st hit Walking Dead game...Glu rovio and disney hav not got much awards as comparing to these 2,kerosene also recieved a few awards for Bladeslinger
So,Krosne and Telltle hav got many awards for one game while gloft has got many awards for many games so,talking bout-Variety winner is-
Now,Gameloft came to exsistence in late '90s nearly 99s...Glu came in 2000s and Kerosene came in 2013,Rovio-2006s,when android grew more.Glu came in suddenly,no confirmation of start is,talking about Experience,Gloft wins again
Now,graphics hav always been low in glu,a bit like 2.5d...Rovio was always in 2d...Kerosene started with true 3d unity engine,but not enough to stant next to Gloft,Modern Combat 4 and Gt racing and Asphalt r the proof of their true and pure work in graphic details
again,Graphics winner is Gloft
Each of Gloft's game has over 10 million dloads...
again,Loce of Customers winner is Gloft
Gloft has over 50 android games,Mfg has only 4 to 5,rovio has only angry birds series,glu has 45,so gloft wins again...
Individual game award winner is Ttale...
so the best developer is still


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