Knock Knock

A game of horror that is now coming from the PC version to your android device, the android game that will keep you awake through night is here.
The game that is packed with action and the mystery, the horror prevails the walls of the castle and you got to stay prepared to fight off the evil. This game is a total charm when you start playing, but yes don’t forget it is not meant for people who can’t handle horror because it has all that you ever thought about horror and scare. Now play the game in the dark and try to go through the night.


This game was firstly present on the PC but now it is available to be played on the android devices and the game has no doubt become one of the loved games on the android device. There is so much for you to do when you think of playing the game.Find out the secret buried in the lodger, what are those, the figments of the imagination or really something dark to be worried of?The invading creatures will make your stay at the castle difficult in fact nearly too impossible, you have to hide from them in order to save yourself.Light is the repellent for these evil creatures, so don’t forget to keep the light sources intact and as well as keep your cabin room well fixed up so that you can fight off these evil ken evil creatures away from you.After all this at hand, you have to make sure that you survive the night else you will be doomed. These creatures are far more powerful but you have to make sure that you go through the night till dawn safe and sound. Continue to play in this haunted house!


Knock Knock Knock Knock Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on July 19, 2014 Rating: 5
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