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Friends,if u use this site on mobile view then take a look at 'View web version' u wil get hundreds of more and new options like polls and register.Guyz please register and sign up here,u wil also b able to see top 10 posts of all time and last 30 bar is also present in web version
so sign up,subscribe and join
after subscribing and signing up,u wil get regular email updates whenever any new game is posted
thanx for all ur support

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Important! Must read Important! Must read Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on July 28, 2014 Rating: 5


ERI KIZAKI said... request no respone bro..i have many times promote your blog.but i dont get any good respone..

A Roberts said...

man i always reply to all ur comments and i try my best to mod games requested by umodding takes long time,it took time but i gave u ur fishing game no :/so dont b sad,all ur requests wil b responded towhich game r u looking for?request game on the request page,eri,it becomes hard for me to check evry old post for requests,so please request there onlydont worry and dont b dissappointed :))

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