Death dome mod apk

Androparadise's collaboration with apklover
Death dome,the rpg fight game by glu unlimited money

version 2.1.2 by me

No one very remembers wherever it all started...but was everyplace.

The “M” virus… the majority UN agency showed symptoms were dead inside days…but others weren’t thus lucky. Mutations were manifestation all over the city. The infected were quarantined in an exceedingly bio-dome field that encased the city of Palamira. Some known as it a “safe zone”, however most comprehend it as the Death Dome.

The M virus grew stronger within the Death Dome and eventually became strong enough to measure on its own while not a bunch. strong enough to become…The Behemoths!
The only name i do know is Phoenix, I even have no recollection of UN agency i used to be before…The one thing I do understand is that they'll ne'er dismantle the dome whereas the behemoths are still alive thus i need to take all of them down….myself!

Battle larger-than-life Behemoths in an exceedingly virus-ravaged city

Learn new skills and techniques as you progress through the sport. Use them to require down even harder enemies!

Scavenge the remnants of a once-thriving city

Wield acid, hearth and lightning to exploit enemy weaknesses!

Download apk,install and open,ut will download the data,enjoy unlimited money

Death dome mod apk Death dome mod apk Reviewed by Ayush Roberts on July 15, 2014 Rating: 5


raga55 said...

should its sutable for latest version

A Roberts said...

which is latest version?

raga55 said...


A Roberts said...

this is 212 only...donload apk and data will b downloaded automatically once u open the game :)

raga55 said...

ok thanks plz check request page

ERI KIZAKI said...

Bro,can you mod kritika choas?godmod and exp mod.thank

raga55 said...

this blog admin was very response guy plz request ur game in request page and wait he definetly upload ur game

A Roberts said...

Done,thanks for trusting and patience :)

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